Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Cleaning Corrals

"Excuse me . . . pardon me, big dawg coming through . . . how's it going? Woof! Mind if I squeeze by? Bark, Bark, Bark . . . grrrr! Weezy . . . Thelma . . . over here! Weezy quit eating that horse poop!" --Just another day cleaning corrals at the Ranch. Wasn't it Robert Duval who said, "I just love the smell of horse poop in the morning!"

Papa calls the horses "hay burners." We are a "green ranch"--our horses do a great job of recycling hay.

Frankly, us ranch dogs find it all very tasty! Thelma, Louise & I do our best to "recycle the recycled hay."

Now, back to work . . . "Make room for Big Dawg!" Bark, woof! (Move please!)" Yum, that pile looks tasty . . .

Ah . . . there's Papa in his truck. He can never stay up with me; I even get better mileage. However, it is a green truck for our green ranch . . . gotta run! Eat my dust, Papa! Ouch--that rock I kicked up left a nasty pit in Papa's windshield . . . oops!

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