Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Caesar Millan

Don't worry, I see that turtle to the back of me. He moves mighty slow; in fact, creates the illusion he is not moving at all.

Here is one of Papa's radio contests that I particularly loved and will pass it on to my readers. (Papa gave me permission to publish it as long as I credit him.)

Who am I?

I am 5'5.

I liken my work to cowboys who get stomped by bulls. You're gonna get hurt. But it's a rush that we get.

I'm seen on television--from the O'Reilly Factor to a reality show.

I rehabilitate

Who am I?

Hint: I train people and have been nominated for 2 emmy awards.

Answer: Ceasar Millan -- The Dog Whispe
rer. (I am literally Caesar's biggest fan.)

Weezy begged to have her picture on today's blog . . . Weezy . . . say, "Cheesey Rawhide!"

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