Saturday, November 17, 2007

Baby Invasion

Voila--a couple desert baby barn bunnies! Mama Thumper named them Peter & Bugs. The Ranch is a neverending contrasting life cycle. The bunnies were born in Apache's stall. Apache is our oldest horse--35 years old--the equivalent to a 100 year old human.

I need to be on the lookout for our resident roadrunner and ensure he sticks to his lizard diet. Despite my protective instincts, I still love to give Mama Thumper a good chase every now & then. She runs like the wind, and so do I.

Speaking of babies, here's one that Papa calls, "The Baby." Introducing Dusty:

Introducing Dusty's mother, Jazz. Obviously Dusty favors her father's genetics.

Although Dusty is the now the Ranch's tallest horse, Jazz is the ranch's answer to "Where's the beef?" Try to picture a mare version of Arnold Schwartzenegger--we call her "Big Momma." Above, Big Momma bravely awaits Papa's "Jump" command, on the edge of a cliff.

Dusty and Jazz are Appaloosas and although there is little resemblance, their feisty personalities are identical. You don't want to catch Big Momma or The Baby when they get up on the wrong side of the barn. Just ask me! Dusty literally kicked my face in and used up one of my 9-lives. One day Dusty interpreted my playing--barking and jumping on her--as predatory. She broke my nose and jaw. Papa's car looked like a bloody crime scene after he carried me into Doc's hospital. I learned my lesson. Thank God I am part cat.

Have you ever heard of puppy love? It does exist. Louise has a crush on me. My "chair" is truly a "loveseat." There is no place to hide.

Below, Thelma & Louise sweetly awaiting for Mama & Papa to leave the patio area, so they can resume their wild ways:

Last night Queenie visited my dreams. I followed her tracks through magical warm snow.

I found her smiling, and we quietly sat together in this peaceful place.

In order to get back before sunrise for my ranch responsibilities, I ran in my sleep to get back. Papa nudged me awake, as I softly yelped goodbye to Queenie. She remained behind--waiting for me, Mama, Papa, Thelma & Louise to join her there some day.