Monday, September 3, 2007

Oh my Gawd-dah!

Is it safe? There's a life-changing event that may just take away another of my 9-lives. Don't turn on the light! Thelma & Louise may find me.

When we were first introduced, Thelma politely said, "Hello."

"It's a good thing we rescued her," Papa said.

Mama mentioned, "No telling what would have happened to her, because of her deafness."

("Aha! A rescue," I thought.)

Louise, was equally as cordial and proper with her canine etiquette of "Hello; glad to meet you."

"Awwwwe," Mama said. "They're little angels."

"It's amazing how well-behaved they are," Papa agreed.

(I agreed in thought, "They are sweet little thangs.")

Then when when mama & papa left the room:

Please call an exorcist.

Above, Louise stealthily munches on papa's corral cleaning shoes, while Thelma distracts papa with a smile and wagging stub. "OUCH!" Papa exclaims. Louise vaporizes, leaving me the "dog of interest" at the scene of the crime.

Here they add a nice frayed touch to this expensive Navajo rug:

"Yip, yip, squeak, squeak," puppy for "Goo goo, dah dah." I told them, "I am not your father; but your mother is over there..." and point my nose in Queenie's direction. Queenie snarls out the pet door.

Where have all the flowers gone? One flower bed down, nine to go.

So many places to dig; so little time. Below, I sense a ground breaking about to take place:

My indestructible toys became destructible.

This is one of the run-in-my-sleep nightmares. Please wake me up!

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