Sunday, August 12, 2007


Introducing Papa's boot bud, Quentin. I call him Hairboy, or Hairy. Too bad the little fella doesn't understand dogspeak.

(Above, Quentin readies for horseback riding)

We all have chores. Quentin is the ranch's CEA--Chief Executive Arachnid. Hairy oversees the herding and humane slaughter of ranch insect populations. Sometimes he gets lazy and hangs out under the bug zapper, hoping for leftovers. (Even though he does prefer his meals rare versus well done.) When Hairy shirks his responsibilities it really bugs me! Hairboy risks losing his position to his assistant (pictured below).

Our resident wolf spider, Wolfy, creeping up to papa's finger for a little lovin' and affection--politiking for Hairy's job. We always know, by mommie's screams, where Wolfy is patrolling.

Here I am doing one of my many important daily duties--monitoring the rain gauge.

It always reads zero point zero inches here. I think it must be broken.

We don't always work the ranch. We have our rest & playtimes. This is my chair, which I outgrew, but still opt to use.

Quentin groomed and on his way to church:

Quentin drags his many feet before helping with coral cleaning (note look of disgust)

I don't mind cleaning corrals with papa. Horse poop is tasty. I need to go and check the rain gauge . . . and grab a corral snack . . .

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